Friday, March 8, 2019


There's a new baby at our house.

We were going to wait to get another dog because Thistle... We miss him so much. He was so very special, and he can never be replaced.

The thing is, the kids grew up, and the house got quiet. A few weeks ago, we saw a small greyhound who looked a lot like a whippet, and Jim and I got to talking about when we might be ready. The next day, I went to Starbucks and met a whippet puppy who melted my heart. Then I found out she had brothers.

Long story, but we adopted a 4 1/2-month-old puppy. He came pre-named. His name? Simon. We thought about changing it, but how could we? He already knows his name. Besides, Simon is a family name, and Simon is now family.

I think Thistle would be okay with that, too.

* * *

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Susan R. Mills said...

Ahhhhh! So adorable! Congratulations!

Dawn Simon said...

Thank you, Susan! We love him so much!