Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hip hip hooray! Exciting news for Faith Pray!

Faith Pray's gorgeous words and art will be brightening the world when she debuts as an author-illustrator! Faith is a dear friend, and I am so thrilled for her! She's inspiring, hard working, and one of the sweetest people I know. Her writing is beautiful, poetic, and full of heart, and I adore her illustrations. I can't wait to hold her picture book, The Girl and the Star, in my hot little hands!

Congratulations, Faith! Keep shining, sweet friend! 

*Just in case you are not a teeny-tiny mouse with teeny-tiny mouse vision, I'll write what the announcement says in a larger font size:

"Maria Modugno at Random House has preempted The Girl and the Star, Faith Pray's debut as an author-illustrator. In the picture book, a girl makes a wish that she'll find a way to change the world around her, and a lost star helps her find the way to do so. Publication is set for summer 2020; Molly O'Neill at Root Literary negotiated the deal for world English rights."