Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy book birthday to SAM AND JUMP by Jennifer K. Mann!

Jennifer Mann has a brand-new picture book, SAM AND JUMP!

Candlewick Press
Pub date: May 10, 2016

SAM AND JUMP is an adorable book that tenderly captures the very big emotions that go along with having (and losing!) a beloved stuffy and making a new friend. Don't you love the cover?

Here's what Kirkus Reviews had to say about SAM AND JUMP:
When a small boy forgets his precious stuffed rabbit at the beach, he fears the worst.

"Best friends" who "do everything together," Sam, a white boy, and his stuffed rabbit, Jump, go to the beach, where they meet a black boy named Thomas. They play together all day. When he gets home, Sam realizes he's left Jump at the beach. His mother promises they will return to the beach in the morning, but Sam can't eat dinner or enjoy his bedtime story and spends the night imagining terrible things happening to Jump. In the morning, Sam can't find Jump anywhere at the beach and "nothing was fun" without him. Then Thomas returns carrying the missing Jump, and all's well. Sweet, endearingly simple illustrations created with pencil, watercolor, and "digital magic" judiciously use white space to focus attention on inseparable Sam and Jump sharing tea, soaping up in the tub, and sitting side-by-side on a tree branch and in an overstuffed chair. Following Jump's abandonment, murky, blue-gray backgrounds emphasize Sam's sadness, isolation, and fear, while Sam's solitary figure on the beach echoes his loneliness and loss, reprieved later in the silent hug of his reunion with Jump.

Kids with their own favorite toys will identify with this gentle, tender tale of Sam and Jump's special bond.

Jen had a launch party at Secret Garden Books in Ballard, Washington, on May 10, the day SAM AND JUMP hit bookshelves. Sand dollar cookies, cupcakes, and beachballs made things extra festive while guests celebrated the big day with Jen.

This is a pic of a few SCBWI-ers at the event: (left to right) Jennifer Longo, Jennifer Mann, Dana Arnim, and me.

Today was another launch party, this one at Eagle Harbor Book Company in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Another launch party means more fun book talk, treats, and guests!

left to right: Faith Pray, Jennifer Mann, Margaret Nevinski, and me

Something that makes that last photo extra special to me is it holds all of my critique partners and me in one shot! I'm in one critique group with Jen and Margaret Nevinski, and Faith Pray and I have our own two-person critique group. When a critique partner has a book come out, something you witnessed in its first stages of life--early words and, if a picture book, early sketches--it's so huge and exciting! Hurray!

Happy birthday, SAM AND JUMP! Jennifer, congratulations on your new and beautiful book!

Now it's your turn! Are there any new books you're excited about? Tell me, tell me, tell me!


Margaret Nevinski said...

Being part of the launch of SAM AND JUMP today was super fun! I'm so proud of my critique partner Jennifer K. Mann. She's so talented!! It's an honor to be in a critique group with her and Dawn. The only "down" part of today's event was that I was too slow getting to the sand-dollar cookies. ))--:

A book I'm really excited about isn't brand new, but I absolutely love it: ROLLER GIRL by Victoria Jamieson. This middle-grade graphic novel (and a Newbery Honor Book this year) perfectly captures the friendship between two girls on the verge of entering junior high. And it's about roller derby--fun!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Margaret! It was super fun! I'm so fortunate to have you, Jen, and Faith as critique partners. Thank you!

I want to read ROLLER GIRL soon! Right now, I'm reading WONDER by R.J. Palacio. It's great!

Dawn Simon said...

P.S. - Is this a bad time to mention the sand-dollar cookies were really yummy? ;)

Jennifer K. Mann said...

Thanks for ALWAYS being there, you two--it was such a fun book party!
And Margaret, I've got a few sand dollar cookies left over. Maybe I'll drop some off! They are indeed deelish! Especially with coffee.

Dawn Simon said...

Jen, enjoy the celebrating after all your hard work! It's wonderful, watching you soar! Yay about the delicious and beautiful cookies! Margaret will love them!

Anonymous said...

I like to see your book events pics. I do love the cover. Congrats to Jen.

Jemi Fraser said...

Looks & sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for the tip :)

Dawn Simon said...

Medeia, that cover just makes me want to open the book! Glad you like the pics!

You're welcome, Jemi! Thank you for visiting!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like a cute book. And one lots of kids can relate to. Loved your pictures.

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats to Jennifer! The book looks adorable!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Natalie! Thank you! While it's a PB for kids, lots of adults can relate to it, too! :) On her blog, Jen has posted the first of several stories she's received from people sharing true tales of their lost, well-loved stuffed animals!

Hi, Cherie! I love it! Thank you for visiting!

DMS said...

How exciting that one of your critique partners has a mew book out in the world! I love the cover and the story sounds great. Thanks for sharing! :)

Dawn Simon said...

Jess, it's so exciting! I feel like an auntie each time!

Faith Pray said...

Sam and Jump is such a sweet book. Hooray for Jennifer Mann! Hooray for dear critique partners, too!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Faith! Hip-hip-hooray! xo