Sunday, October 25, 2015

October busy-ness

October seems to always be an extra busy, hoppin' month. Here's what's been going on in a nutshell. Or an eggshell, since our seven chickens are all laying now. That's big news because this is the first time our family has had chickens, and it was only last spring that they looked like this:

They grow so fast. *sigh* But since this isn't a poultry blog, let's move on!

It was exciting to see friends make the list of finalists for the Washington State Book Awards.

A group of us, new friends and old, got together to celebrate the finalists before the winners were announced at the Central Library in Seattle.

Left to right: critique partners Margaret Nevinski and Jennifer K. Mann, finalist George Shannon, finalist Jennifer Longo, me, Suzanne Selfors (a 2014 winner), and finalist Maureen McQuerry

Jennifer Mann won the picture book category for TWO SPECKLED EGGS. Woo-hoo! Here she is accepting her award and then reading her book.

Congratulations to the finalists and winners! Of course, you're ALL winners! What a huge accomplishment!

Last week, SCBWI-Western Washington kicked off the 2015-2016 season of monthly programming with our first meeting. Agent Barry Goldblatt was our featured speaker. I'd heard him speak before (as well as his fabulous client and wife, Libba Bray), but it's always a great opportunity to hear the latest and learn more. It's especially convenient when you don't have to fly to LA or New York to do so.

Today I met with my critique partner Faith Pray. Such a fun morning!

I feel so fortunate to have three incredible critique partners. Each of them brings piles of talent, knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration to the table, and each shines and sheds her own unique light. I learn so much from all three individuals. I hope to give as much as I receive! I'll meet with Margaret and Jen this coming week. 

Other than that, October has been a nice yet busy combination of writing, work, family, friends, dogs,

and chickens. (Yes, back to the chickens!)

Oh! And reading! I just read THREE TIMES LUCKY by Sheila Turnage.

What a voice! I devoured it. It's such a great book!

How about you? How has your month been? Have you read anything wonderful lately?


Faith Pray said...

Hooray for superb critique buddies, chickens, books, and book awards! Here's to a clucky November!

Dawn Simon said...

You are so adorable, Faith. Yes, here's to a clucky November! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Crit buddies are awesome!! Wish I could meet mine in person - maybe one day!!

Margaret Nevinski said...

Dawn, what a whirlwind month! Here's to the b's and the c's: Barry, book awards, crit partners, and chickens!

Anonymous said...

I love celebrating CPs' successes. You have cute animal friends.

Jennifer K. Mann said...

Thanks for the shout-out Dawn! What an amazing month. I am so lucky to have you and Margaret showing me so much support! Couldn't do it without you! Yes, crit groups rock!

Dawn Simon said...

Jemi, I'm glad you have great crit buddies, too. Yeah, that would be so fun to get to meet them in person someday!

Margaret, it definitely has been a whirlwind. I loved seeing you and Jen yesterday. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. So glad you have my back!

Medeia, it's so exciting! Regarding the animal friends, we're crazy about them and they know it!

Jen, you're so welcome! I feel incredibly fortunate to have you gals with me for all the ups and downs that go with writing. Thank you!

Terri Tiffany said...

We just returned from Seattle! You are so blessed to have great crit partners!

Terri Tiffany said...

We just returned from Seattle! You are so blessed to have great crit partners!