Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SCBWI Western Washington Conference 2015

Last weekend's SCBWI Western Washington conference left me feeling grateful. I always attend our regional conference for the learning and inspiration. While I never know what they will be or where they will come from, I get precious nuggets of special somethings every time. Thanks to our Advisory Committee, we had a top-notch faculty and excellent sessions.

Both of author Sharon G. Flake's talks were wonderful. I loved her keynote, "Flying Scared: How to Get Published in Spite of Yourself." I'd already been to her session, "Creating a (Non-Stereotyped) Authentic Voice," so I knew the keynote was going to be great! Each of Ms. Flake's talks felt like a gift. She shared her experience, her strength, her wisdom, her vulnerability, and her beautiful spirit. I could listen to her all day. Ms. Flake is a best-selling, award-winning author, and I can't wait to dig into her first historical mystery, UNSTOPPABLE OCTOBIA MAY.

I won't post about every session and keynote, but you can read about them at SCBWI Western Washington's blog, The Chinook Update. What I'd like to do is say how thankful I am for the people in SCBWI. The friends I've met share encouragement, critiques, advice--more than I imagined when I decided to join. I hope I can give back just as much.

The writing journey is long, but how lucky we are to walk it together. How fortunate we are to have friends and colleagues who understand our deepest and shiniest dreams.


Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds like another wonderful conference for you! Wish I lived closer to any of them :)

I can't even imagine doing this whole journey to publication without the wonderfully supportive community of online writers!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Jemi! I, too, wish you lived closer! As I wrote this, I was also thinking about how much my online friends have supported me and helped me learn about craft and the market. The writing community is awesome. :)

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm glad you got to attend the conference and got a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing!

Medeia Sharif said...

I haven't been to a conference in a while. I miss the great keynotes and panels. I also miss hanging out with writer buddies and the inspiration from the experience.

DMS said...

Sounds like a wonderful conference. I always learn so much when I attend a conference and leave feeling energized and inspired. Glad you had such a great time. :)

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, Theresa!

Medeia, I had so much fun when I hung out with you in L.A.!

Thanks, Jess! I feel the same way. I also notice that if I'm reading lots of blogs before the conference, I feel more tapped in to the discussions about the market.

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