Saturday, February 22, 2014

Checking In

I'm eyebrow-deep in revision, which might be my favorite part of writing. The clay is on the wheel, and everything feels a bit less like I'm running a marathon. (Note: I've never run a marathon, but I have run a 5K. It's practically the same thing, right? Who's with me? We can discuss it over donuts!) I'm still running now, but it's different--less of a sprint since I'm moving more carefully. Decisions need to be made, and I can no longer say I'm in the sh**ty first draft. I'm adding, rearranging, cutting.

I came across an excellent post on revision by Randy Powell. It's from 2009, but that's okay. Good writing posts, much like Twinkies, don't have a shelf life. I suggest you check it out if you're revising, or read and bookmark it, if you're not.

Have fun, bloggy friends who are in NYC right now for the SCBWI Winter Conference! I'm missing this one, but I'm all signed up for the SCBWI-Western Washington conference in April. Yee-haw!

How about you? What part of the writing process are you in right now?

Here's Thistle, sleeping with his mouth open. All of this talk about running has exhausted him.