Saturday, June 12, 2010

Congratulations to Stasia Kehoe!

I want to congratulate my friend Stasia Kehoe on her ginormous news! She recently signed with agent Catherine Drayton of InkWell Management! And the news doesn't stop there! Ms. Drayton then sold Stasia's YA verse novel, AUDITION, at super human speed to Viking! Wow! Read Stasia's post about it. It's so exciting--totally worthy of all the exclamation points I've put in this post!

Stasia and I in New York last winter
Note: we're not actually giants--the person who took the pic was seated. ;)

I'd like to tell you something else too. Do you guys remember the post I wrote when I read a friend's manuscript and was swept away with inspiration? Stasia had asked me to be a beta--it was AUDITION that I'd read, and I knew it was golden. Talk about exciting, bloggy friends! I'm thrilled for Stasia, and I'm so honored she trusted me with her beautiful book.

I'd like to note a few things about AUDITION. As you read my list, think about what agents say when you're at a conference and someone asks, "What are you looking for?"

*AUDITION hooked me at page one and never let go

*the characters were three-dimensional--I could see them, and my heart was immediately invested

*Stasia was concise--there were no extra words

*I loved the words she chose (being written in verse, this must have been all the more challenging--and the result was gorgeous)

*I've never read anything like it--it's fresh

*I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to tell everyone about it

*it stayed with me--I still think about it

Congratulations to Stasia on a job well done. Stasia, thanks for the friendship and inspiration. I'm sending hugs and best wishes your way.


Hema P. said...

How very exciting, Dawn, to have such a success story to inspire us all with, that too of a close friend! Congratulations Stasia!

Faith E. Hough said...

Wow, I'm heading over to her blog now. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, wow. I've heard amazing things about Catherine from Lisa and Laura Roecker! Congrats to your friend.

Dawn Simon said...

Hema, I love the happy stories that inspire, too, and when it's a friend...squee!

Faith, Stasia's blog is great! She has so much great info there!

Corey, I've heard great things about her too. Lisa and Laura are adorable (I look forward to reading their debut novel), and I really enjoyed Becca Fitzpatrick's HUSH, HUSH, so it sounds like Ms. Drayton has fabulous taste!

Susan Fields said...

Hooray for Stasia - what a dream come true! Thanks for sharing the good news!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

That is awesome! What is so amazing is how fast the agent to sold time frame was...Congratulations to Stasia.

Tabitha Bird said...

Wow. Congrats Stasia :) I am very happy for your friend, that's wonderful news. :D
And to have a book sold that fast is amazing. Good on her!

Suma Subramaniam said...

This is so exciting, inspiring, exciting, inspiring, exciting, inspiring!

Thanks for sharing this Dawn. I know what a proud and happy friend you must be. Im heading over to Stasia's blog to read more.


Dawn Simon said...

Susan, it is a dream come true! I'm so happy for her! Stasia is super nice and a hard worker, so the news is all the sweeter.

Sharon, I know! It is awesome!

Tabitha, I love how everyone is so happy to hear Stasia's good news! :)

Suma, you cracked me up with the "exciting, inspiring" comments! Stasia's blog is great--I'm glad you're checking it out.

Travener said...

That is just too cool!

SWK said...

Thanks, Dawn, for your lovely post (honestly, I'm blushing). You are an awesome beta-reader and, even more, I'm so happy to be your friend. Thanks to all your blog buddies who swung by to congratulate me! Stasia

PaulaKayMac said...

Great news. I love verse and look forward to reading the book. Going over to her site now : ) YAY.

Dawn Simon said...

Travener, yeah it is! :)

Thank you, Stasia! This is so exciting! And it's only the beginning! Woo-hoo! I'm so happy to be your friend too. <3 And yay for blog buddies! Thanks, guys!

Paula, you'll love it--the book and the blog! Btw, your new website looks great!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Wow! That is totally wonderful- congrats to Stasia!

laurapauling said...

Great news! Congrats to Stasia!

Kat O'Keeffe said...

How incredibly exciting!!

And lucky you for getting to read what sounds like an awesome book before anyone else! :)

disgruntledwriterscircle said...

Way to go, both of you! Her for writing it and your for encouraging her! Good beta readers are golden!

disgruntledwriterscircle said...

Way to go, both of you! Her for writing it and your for encouraging her! Good beta readers are golden!

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks for all the great comments, guys!

Kat, it really is exciting! I feel very lucky!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Congrats Stasia! And what a great friend you are Dawn. :)