Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Award-ebration

Some wonderful people have gifted me with blog awards. I'd like to share the first two with all of you. I usually pass each one individually, but I really want to include everyone in today's blog award-ebration. So if you're here, consider yourself an award recipient. :)

The Sunshine Award was given to me by Jemi Fraser at
Just Jemi, Marsha Sigman at Marsha's Musings, and my new friend Susan Fields. All three of these ladies have great stuff going on at their blogs so you should totally check out each one if you haven't already! Thank you, Jemi, Marsha, and Susan, for sharing such a pretty award with me.

Amy Holder at
Written in Lipstick passed me the Sugar Doll Blogger Award. I really like her blog
and I think the cover of her YA debut novel THE LIPSTICK LAWS (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - coming out in spring 2011) is awesome. Thanks, Amy, for the Sugar Doll Award. You're a sweetie! (Yes, pun intended.)

Medeia Sharif gave me the Prolific Blogger Award. Thanks, Medeia. I love the title of Medeia's YA debut novel: THE BESTEST RAMADAN EVER (Flux - coming out in summer 2011). This award actually has rules. I've copied them from Medeia's blog.
1) Pass it on to seven prolific bloggers.

2) Link to the person who gave it.

3 & 4) Link to the Advance Booking
post where it originated and sign in to Mr. Linky there.

I'm passing it to these prolific bloggers:

Jolie Stekly at
Cuppa Jolie
Tere Kirkland at
The Lesser Key
Kelly Polark
Jackee at
Winded Words
Kristi at
Random Daily Thoughts
Beth Revis at
Writing It Out
Hema P. at
Wading Through Words

Congrats, guys!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Happy writing!


Stephanie Thornton said...

Congrats on your awards! This is a great blog- I certainly enjoy it!

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats! Well-deserved :)

Kelly said...

Congratulations on the wonderful awards! (and thank you so much!!) :)

Cindy said...

Cute awards! Congratulations!

Tara said...

Congrats on the well-deserved awards :)

Marsha Sigman said...

You totally deserved all those awards!!!

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, you guys! :)

Hema P. said...

Congratulations for all those awards, Dawn! And I am thrilled that you passed on the "Prolific Blogger" award to mine -- thank you!! (It is just a bit ironic that only today I decided that I am going to cut short on my frequency of blogging to twice a week, so I could concentrate on my novel(s) ;-).)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the awards, and thanks for mentioning my book.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Dawn, congrats on all the awards.

I have a polite request, cyber hat in hand, would you visit my short story entry in Melissa Marr's contest? Here's the link :

If you like it, vote for it, please. And if not, that's all right, too. Every swing can't be a home run.

Kristi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love this one and I don't have it yet! Can't wait to add it to my collection. :-)

AND congrats on all your lovely awards!

Tere Kirkland said...

Congrats on your awards, that's amazing!

And thanks so much for passing the prolific blogger award on to me—just when I've started blogging only once a week, too. Way to hit me with that old-school Catholic guilt. ;)

Thanks, Dawn!

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks for the nice comments! :)

Tere, no guilt! I promise! Though your comment cracked me up. I've been posting only once a week, too, so I can give my WIP the TLC it needs and deserves.

Simon C. Larter said...

Yay, awards! Congratulations, good lady.

Maybe I should consider that once a week posting thingy so my WIP can get some TLC too. Hmm....

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on your awards!

prashant said...

Congrats! Well-deserved :)
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