Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Stuff

I'd like to thank the people who followed agent Mark McVeigh's blog so I could win a Skype chat with him. Virtual hugs to all of you--that was really kind. I spoke with Mr. McVeigh last week and asked him my list of questions. He was super knowledgeable and helpful. I'd heard him speak in Seattle in 2006 and NYC in 2007--back in his editor days--and he'd impressed me; it was really cool to actually have a conversation and be allowed to pick his brain. So again, thank you. And a bonus for all of us who are following? His blog is informative and very much worth reading. Just today, he posted good news about Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Now on to some fun awards from bloggy friends!

Niki at Wool'n'Nuts gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Thank you, Niki! Niki is a sweetheart, and her blog is a fun and cozy place. Go and follow her! :)

The rules say I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself. However, since she technically awarded it to
Chester (the squirrel I've been feeding all winter), too, I feel I should start out telling you about him.

1. One of Chester's favorite foods is birdseed.

2. Chester's activity of choice is tormenting my dogs.

The rest will be about me:

3. I ran before I walked.

4. I saw myself as a writer by the time I was nine.

5. I think high school geometry is a frightening class, and I'm thankful I survived it.

6. My dad interviewed the first boy who asked me out (and I'm thankful I survived that, too).

7. My son says I should mention that I get sympathy pains when he or his sister gets hurt. However, I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

I'll pass this award to:

Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi
Robin Gaphni at thebooknosher
Stephanie Haefner at The Writer's Cocoon

Deb at Ranch Girl Ramblings gave me an award that allows me to lie! How fun is that?! I'm not lying about the award, though. Here it is:

Thank you, Deb! Deb, by the way, is a crack up and an all around nice person, so definitely go to her blog if you haven't yet discovered her!

The award rules say I'm supposed to tell up to six outrageous lies about myself and at least one outrageous truth. I have to say I had a fun time coming up with lies, but I'm hoping you all still trust me after I tell a few stretchers. I'll give a hint by telling you five things on my list are lies and two are truths. Ready?

1. Just after making the cut for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team (equestrian), I fell off my horse and dislocated my shoulder. I was dropped from the team. Since the Olympics took place in L.A. that year and I lived in L.A. County, I was able to go and cheer on my friends.

2. My mom and a few friends met JFK. Even though he only talked to them for a few minutes, a photo of them together came out in a magazine about twenty years later.

3. When I was four, I modeled shoes for the Sears catalog. I did this for two months, but I got fired when I started throwing tantrums.

4. I performed in three parades at Disneyland.

5. My cousin Paul played a corpse on NCIS in 2008.

6. I have a bobblehead collection. Some of my favorites: Rodney Dangerfield (CADDYSHACK edition), the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinosaur, and thin Elvis.

7. They had to stop the escalator at Mall of America because my shoelace got caught.

I'll let you guess, and I'll reveal my truths in my next post. I'm just mysterious that way.

The people I'm passing this to:

Susan R. Mills at A Walk in My Shoes
Julie Dao at Silver Lining
Tara Watson at Feel of Something New

It will be fun to see what they write!

The final blog award is the Over the Top Award.
Niki at Wool'n'Nuts gave it to me. Thank you, Niki!

I told you she was a sweetheart. She really is--check out her blog if you haven't done it yet. I'll wait here.


Thanks for coming back! I think that's the award with the one word answers, but:

a. I'm not sure.

b. I've talked so much about myself in this post, I'm going to give you all a break and skip that part.

Now I get to share it with others! The envelopes, please...

Marsha Sigman at Marsha's Musings
Molly Hall at Writer Mama Dreamer
Jon Paul at Where Sky Meets Ground

Congratulations, everyone! Have a great writing week! :)


L. T. Host said...

Congrats on the great awards! Can't wait to see which lies are true and which aren't, haha.

Julie Dao said...

Dawn! Thank you for passing that award on to me, sounds like a lot of fun :) Hmmm.... all of yours are so hard, I don't think I can make a good guess! I'm going to say #3 and #6 are the true ones, but I have no idea. Congrats on all of your awards, they are very well deserved :)

Tamika: said...

Congratulations on all the awards Dawn- you deserve them!

You are really good at fooling...Hmm. I'll have to scratch my head a little longer on these.

Susan R. Mills said...

Thanks! I can't wait to come up with some really outrageous lies. This will be fun. I'm guessing #2 and #6 are your true ones.

Lydia Sharp said...


Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on all the awards! And thanks so much for passing one along my way :)

As to your truth? Hmmm. Tough. Okay, I'm going to say the one about the shoe lace, because I can so see that happening to me!

Molly Hall said...

Aww! Thanks Dawn! I feel so special! Thanks a million!

Laura said...

Congrats on all the awards--I'm loving all of your answers. The list of truths/lies are fascinating. I can't wait to see which is which!

I'm glad your conversation went well!

Robin Gaphni said...

Thanks so much Dawn for passing the award on. BTW, I love all of your answers and can't imagine that any of them would be lies :-).

Dawn Simon said...

You guys are fun. :) It's really hard to keep my mouth shut and not just 'fess up.

Tara said...

Thank you for the award! I guess I better get off my duff and post all the awards I've been stashing since this one requires I do something with it, lol.

You're a very *ahem* creative writer. I'll got with 1 & 5 for the truths...

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Congrats Dawn! Wow, you`re good at this, hard to pick... I`ll guess that #1 is a lie..

Marsha Sigman said...

Thank you, Dawn!!! This is awesome!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Congrats on all your awards!! And how fun to get to know you. I, too, suffered in geometry. Had I been less of a perfectionist, I probably would have been okay, but I hated it that it didn't come naturally to me.

As for the lies/truths, I believe #4 and #6 are the truths!

And yay for new blogs to follow! Several in there I don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

haha this is so hard! umm I'll go with #2 and hmm cant decide between the corpse and the bobbleheads. Ok will go with the corpse hehe #5 and #2

Jessica said...

First, congrats on the awards!!! Second, I have no clue which of your "lies" is the truth. They're all pretty cool! LOL

Stephanie Thornton said...

I had a great conversation with Mark too- picking an agent's brain is great!

I have a couple bobbleheads so I'm betting that one's the truth. My collection is limited to Dwight Schrute and Theodore Roosevelt. :)

Jon Paul said...

Dawn--Congrats on your awards. I'm not going to hazard a guess on the truthiness.

Thanks so much for passing the Over The Top to me! It's nice to be appreciated.

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, you guys! This lying thing was fun. Of course I'll save my whoppers for my fiction. :)

Stephanie, I'm glad you had a great conversation with Mr. McVeigh!

Jon Paul, I'm relieved your deployment is over. Thank you for serving.