Monday, January 4, 2010

What I'm Reading

I just read two awesome books. They're both uber popular, so I'm betting lots of you have already read them.

I'll start with
came out in 2006, so I'm a wee bit late on this.)
As I was reading, I kept getting blown away by the story and the writing. I'm giving an elephant-sized recommendation to read it.

My first read of 2010: CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins.

CATCHING FIRE is the second book of THE HUNGER
GAMES, and I think it's just as great as the first. The nearly tragic part: we have to wait until August 24th for the final book in the trilogy! Aah!

My cheery news is I got a camera for Christm
as! It's little, orange, and it takes nice pictures. I'm really excited about it! Let's hope my blog photos are more impressive now that I have a camera that isn't dying.

I'll end today's post with something fun that has nothing to do with writing. I'll stretch it by saying it's relevant because of my WATER FOR ELEPHANTS recommendation. It's a YouTube video my daughter saw at school and it shows an elephant who paints. It
's a long video, but it's cool! If you don't want to watch the whole thing, slide the little ball to the eight-minute mark.

Hey, do you think that elephant might get an agent before I do? Ack! Feeling insecure...must up caffeine intake...

How about you? What have you been reading?


Anonymous said...

This and that. My latest was Only Angels are Bulletproof and Alfred the Great. Neat camera! :O)

Cindy said...

Hey Dawn! Happy New Year! I've heard from others that Water for Elephants was really good. I just finished reading The Familiar Stranger by debut author Christina Berry and enjoyed it. Next on my list is most likely a literary novel. Can't decide which yet, though.

Travener said...

We look forward to seeing your fancy pictures on the blog, now. Hope your 2010 is off to a better start than mine -- three rejections today! But I'm OK about it -- I "refreshed" with the start of the new year, so it's like I've hardly gotten any rejections... I have no new books to recommend, though I'm just about finished with Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adentures of Kavalier and Clay which is, like all his books, so well-written it makes me green with envy.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

I'll have to read both of those. I love seeing good reviews before I pick them up! I'm currently reading "The Transformation:A Novel" (2003) by Catherine Chidgey

Dawn Simon said...

Diane, I just Googled ONLY ANGELS ARE BULLETPROOF, trying to figure out where I'd recently heard about it. It was on your blog! Hee! Cool title, and it sounds good!

Hi, Cindy! Ooh, a debut! Yeah, I kept hearing about WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and have had it on my to-be-read list for so long--it was nice to crack it open and see what the fuss was about!

Travener, I'm sorry about the rejections, though I like the idea of starting the count over at the new year! Getting three in one day isn't fun, but you sound like you're handling it super well. It's exciting to find a book that makes you green with envy because it's so beautifully written. It's so inspirational. I just looked it up and read a review on THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF CAVALIER AND CLAY--it looks excellent!

Deb, they're really good. BTW, I like the way you post what books you've been reading at your blog. Since we all talk about writing, I think it's cool to hear other bloggers' picks.

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

I read Water a few months ago. Excellent. I've heard great things about Catching Fire as well. Right now I'm reading The Book Thief as well as a slew of other books for review/craft. I'm also thoroughly enjoying The Art of War for Writers.

~ Wendy

Dawn Simon said...

Wendy, my son and I were talking about THE BOOK THIEF yesterday! It's at the top of my to-be-read list, though I just started some nonfiction for research. Maybe I'll buy it this week for fiction breaks...

KM said...

CATCHING FIRE is so good!!! I love that series! I tried reading WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, but I wasn't a huge fan... I didn't finish it. I know some people that liked it, though.

I'm reading my second Nicholas Sparks book and discovering that he's pretty cool, even for a romance novel guy. ;)

Deb@RGRamblings said...

I love seeing other peoples reading lists. It's a great way to add to the TBR list!

Dawn Simon said...

KM, another CATCHING FIRE fan! Interesting that you didn't like WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. How many times have we heard how subjective this business can be? :) I want to read THE LAST SONG! I wonder if that's the one you're reading. My daughter loved it.

Deb, I agree!

Tabitha Bird said...

I just finished reading, "The book Thief" and "The Book of Rapture." Both awesome. I am going to blog about them. :)

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Tabitha! We bought THE BOOK THIEF last night and my son started it as soon as we brought it home. I'll read it after he does, and I'll check out your post(s) on both books!