Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New WIP Progress!

I'm excited because I'm having fun playing with the first chapter of my new novel. I began to brainstorm it months ago and have been making notes about it since, but I never really started it until this week. Well, there was actually one false start, but it was all wrong and turned out to be more of a writing exercise than anything else.

As I revised PERFECT VISION, I continued to dream up details about the characters in my new novel. I won't get the feedback on the last chapter of PERFECT VISION until Thursday, so I decided to play with voice on the new book. It's super fun and I really like my first pages! Of course, these are the very first pages of my sh**ty first draft, so who knows if any of it will ever see light of day. I'm sure it's over-written, containing details only I need to know as the author. Still, I'm thinking of turning it in to my critique group this week to gather first impressions. (I never used to do that, by the way--turn in such raw material. When my group started, I only wanted to share chapters from a completed manuscript; I needed to know the first draft was all me. Note to self: post about my critique group evolution in the near future.)

After I get back and revise that last chapter (revise it
again--PERFECT VISION has already been revised), an author-friend will read the full. I'll work on my new WIP while I wait. My reader is a smarty-pants, and I hope she catches all the flaws. I also hope she catches nothing, meaning it's perfect! I'm not holding my breath on that last part, but I'm allowed to wish it, right? :)


Stephanie Thornton said...

Funny how we always hope our readers never find a mistake, but then that never happens. Oh well- that's probably a good thing! :)

Good luck with the new WIP!

Susan R. Mills said...

I went back and looked at the first chapter of my second project which I shelved several months ago to return to my first project. And, you know what, I can't wait to get back into it. The voice was so strong, and I've come up with some great ideas for it while it sat. You never know, this first draft may be better than you think. As far as Perfect Vision goes, it might truly be perfect. YOu can hope for a miracle right. :)

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Definitely! I seem to be the queen of typos and still I wish for the same thing!

Congrats on a new story! It's a lot of fun to play!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, your path on this book sounds a lot like mine--I am doing a restart this week, which I typically don't allow myself. But I LOVE calling those earlier scenes just a writing exercise. Whew!

Hey, if you're going to talk about critique-group evolution, would you be interested in doing it as a guest post at my blog? I think it's an important element that writers forget about too often. I'm inviting writers to tell their critique group stories in a new feature at my blog, and I'd love to have yours! If you're interested, can you email me at beckylevine at ymail dot com?

If you'd rather keep it at your blog,tho, I totally understand! :)

Amy Tate said...

Oh how exciting! And a huge congratulations on being a finalist in the literary contest - that's wonderful!!!! I sang and danced around my kitchen after I "finished" my novel...that was a year ago, lol! I've been through so many revisions that I've lost count. But that's o.k., because I've learned so much in the process. I know what you mean about your critique group. During the first writing round, I was in a different group and I let them read it too early. My ideas got lost in their ideas. Now, I make sure that what is read is "ready" but even more so, I need to be ready. Not that I'm not willing to listen, but before I put my story out there, my ideas need to be solidified enough to be critiqued. I've found that I get more out of the critique this way too. Best of luck, and I look forward to reading more about it!

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Yeah, it's way better if our readers catch the mistakes before we submit even though we want to hear, "It's fabulous the way it is!" :)

Susan, how exciting that time gave you better perspective on that manuscript. It seems like putting something away not only helps identify the weak spots, but it also gives us those moments when we say, "Wow! This is really good!" I'm happy for you!

Kristen, I think we all wish it! ;)

How fun, Becky! Thank you! I've just emailed you.

Hi, Amy! Thanks for coming to my blog--and for the congratulations! I wouldn't even know how to count my revisions because some parts of the manuscript have had several while some have only needed a few! Feedback is so important--crucial, in my opinion. But there are so many factors to it. One is just being ready for it. I look forward to reading more about your journey as well.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Sounds exciting - can't wait to read your follow-ups!

Patti said...

It's fun to start new projects. Have a fresh voice to work with. Good luck with it.

Lydia Sharp said...

Great post! Looking forward to reading the follow-up.

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, Deb! It is exciting!

Thanks, Patti! I'm enjoying writing someone new.

Hi, Lydia! I liked your entry over at Nathan's. Good luck with it!

Kiki Hamilton said...

Keep hoping for perfect until they tell you different! I hope your characters keep talking to you and the story flows from your fingertips!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Kiki! Thanks for visiting my blog! (Kiki and I met at a workshop in November.) I'll keep hoping it's perfect! ;) I'm really excited about the new manuscript. The timing is great. I'll need a new love to keep my mind occupied once I start submitting.