Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Happy 101 Award

Deb at Ranch Girl Ramblings gifted me with the Happy 101 Award! Thank you, Deb! If you haven't checked out Ranch Girl Ramblings, you should. Deb is a lovely writer with a lot of heart. Plus she really is a ranch girl! At the end of 2009, she posted a pic of a calf wearing ear warmers. So cute!

The rules for the award say I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy. Hmm, let's see...

1. My family and friends - they make every day special.

2. My dogs
Thistle and Pepper, brother and sister, are five-year-old partners in crime.

3. Writing - I truly enjoy it. I think it keeps me balanced.

4. Reading - YA and MG are my favorite genres and the ones I read most often, but I enjoy other genres, too.

5. Eating out - I've mentioned my husband says my species is
hotelus restaurantus. The hotelus part of my species is because I detest camping, but love staying in hotels!

6. Happy faces and LOL's on returned manuscript pages.

7. Frappuccinos - I'm not just saying it. I have a serious addiction to them. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? Thank goodness for Costco and my husband, my enablers.
(I've posted this photo before, but nobody minds looking at a thing of beauty twice, right?)

8. Beaches - especially the warm, sandy variety.

9. Movies - I love movies. My daughter and I have been having so much fun watching the romantic comedies my husband and son are happy to miss!

10. Followers - you guys rock! Bloggy friends really make blogging more fun, meaningful, and educational. Thank you!

I'm passing the Happy 101 Award to:

Jen Chandler at Woolgatherings
Jody Hedlund
Niki at Wool'n'Nuts
Simone at The Romantic Query Letter and the Happy-Ever-After
Stephanie Haefner at The Writer's Cocoon
Tabitha Bird at Through My Eyes


Happy writing, everyone! :)


Stephanie Thornton said...

Congrats on your award!

I love beaches too- I could totally go for one right now, but have to wait until March. I'll be glow-in-the-dark white by then!

Michelle said...

cool award - you have a great list :)

Jen Chandler said...

Dawn you are sweet as you can be! Thank you, thank you (I take a humble bow :)

Congratulations on your award. It is MOST deserved. I had someone else pass it on to me last week for my other blog. Now both will have this delightful award attached to it.

Thank you again! Have a marvelous Monday,

Paul Greci said...

I could go for a warm sandy beach right about now. Even a luke warm beach would do.

Patti said...

Nice looking award. I love eating out to, mostly because then I don't have to cook.

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Stephanie! I'm already glow-in-the-dark.

Thanks, Michelle!

Jen, woo-hoo! How fun that both blogs received it a week apart. You should go celebrate with something packed with sugar! ;)

Paul, you and Stephanie, both from Alaska, zeroed in on that warm, sandy beach. I liked the lukewarm comment. ;)

Patti, eating out is just a win-win situation, isn't it?

Kristi said...

Congrats on the award and loved your list!

I followed you here from Jen Chandler's site! Love the blog...I'll be back for sure!

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks, Kristi! I'm happy you came!

Dawn Maria said...

What a great award to get. It gave me a nice peek into your life and interests. Those dogs look so cute!

Great news about your MS being a finalist!

Kristin Rae said...

Congrats! The beach really does sound nice - the closest one to me is Galveston and I haven't been there since Ike hit. It's usually covered in seaweed!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Felicitations my dear, it is well deserved.
Warm regards and a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

*tears* thanks Dawn XX I feel very spoilt :o) Though I didn't see Chester on your list of happy things! hehe

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Dawn! Thanks! Being a finalist was super exciting!

Kristin, I love the beach! Beach party! ;)

Simone, congrats to you, too!

You're welcome, Niki! You're right--I didn't mention Chester! Ah! #11: Chester!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

DOGS - I love 'em. Everyone has a soulmate dog out there just waiting to be discovered. And they're lower maintenance than human soulmates. :-)

Dawn Simon said...

Rosslyn, soul mate dogs...that's a nice thought. We've had three Whippets, and each one will always be in my heart. Someday I'll have to post about Jack. He wasn't as well-behaved as Thistle and Pepper, but he was such a special boy.

arlee bird said...

I love eating out and staying in hotels. I guess this all harkens back to a 16 year period of my life when I was working on the road 90% of the time. I love being at home, but traveling is really nice too.

Stephanie said...

Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!! This means so much to me!!!!!

LOVE the pic of your dogs!!!! We have debated for years and years about rescuing a Greyhound!

Dawn Simon said...

Lee, while I love to travel and stay in hotels, I like being home best. Unless it's dinnertime. ;) Thanks for visiting!

Stephanie, you're welcome! :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I like everything on your list. I can also add ice-cream to the things that make me happy. Any flavor really. I like them all.

Stephen Tremp

Anissa said...

Great list! Mmmmm...frappuccino

Jody Hedlund said...

Thank you, Dawn!! Loved learning more about you! I can't wait until my DD's are old enough to watch chick flicks with me! :)

Tabitha Bird said...

Thanks Dawn for passing the award along to me. :) And congrats to you.

I too love romantic comedies. :)

Dawn Simon said...

Stephen, you're right. #12... And have you tried the frozen yogurt at those frozen yogurt shops that are popping up everywhere? You can add anything, making the frozen yogurt even better. Okay, now I'm hungry.

Anissa, you clearly have fabulous taste. ;)

Jody, we're having so much fun with the romantic comedies! Sometimes my daughter and I rent them and sometimes we go see them at the theater for a girls' night. I love that. <3

Tabitha, a lot of my favorite movies are romantic comedies. My daughter and I saw IT'S COMPLICATED a couple weeks ago.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Great list and I love the pics you post of your dogs - awesome!