Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photos for Inspiration

Last week, a couple of you mentioned beaches, mountains, or other places in nature as your ideal writing spots. I, too, am inspired by nature, but I like to head indoors to write after I take in my share of the fresh air. I realize that's a little lame, but I yam what I yam. This is why I retired from camping about six years ago. My poor hubby...camping is one of his favorite activities. My son still loves going with him, but my daughter has followed in my footsteps. If the boys go camping, we have a girls weekend at home and go to dinner and a movie. That's what we did two weekends ago even though the boys were camping close to the Quileute Reservation near Forks, and my daughter and I are both TWILIGHT fans. You'll be happy to know my husband and son made it back without any vampire or werewolf encounters, though they did see signs for tours.

When I was out running this morning, I took some pictures, hoping they'd help inspire us and get the writing juices flowing. Washington is just so darn pret
ty, even I can take beautiful (albeit slightly blurry) pictures! I realize showing nature photos on a computer is kind of like offering scratch-n-sniff coffee and pastry stickers to visitors who've come for tea, but bear with me. We're writers. We have good imaginations. Put in a sounds of nature CD or imagine the cries of sea gulls as you view my pics.

For the TWILIGHT fans, here's a picture my husband took of Second Beach, west of Forks.

Didn't Bella go to First Beach? First Beach is through that little whole in the headland on the right.

So are you feeling inspired now? ;)
What are your writing goals for today?


Vivian said...

The photos are beautiful. But I'm with you--I'd rather see the beauty from an inside spot than have to go camping. Gives me the shivers.

Hope your writing went well today. The jury is still out on mine.

Cindy said...

That's weird that they have tours for the location of that Twilight movie--although the scenery IS beautiful. Those pictures are great--they could definitely inspire me to write.

What are my writing goals today? Well, mostly they're just editing goals. But it's going to be a busy day, about 3/4 of it away from the house, so if I edit one chapter I'll be happy.

Lazy Writer said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Yes, I am inspired now!

Dawn VanderMeer said...

Thanks for visiting, Vivian. I tried to like camping since my husband is so into it, but I just couldn't. I liked the idea of it rather than the reality. My husband says my species is hotelus restaurantus. ;)

Cindy, good luck with the edits! I'm editing too.

Susan, I'm happy you're inspired. :)

FictionGroupie said...

Gorgeous pics. I've always wanted to visit that part of the country.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Love the pics! And yes, photos help me get inspired, too.

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not much of an outdoor writer either, although my ideal home office would have a HUGE window overlooking the water.