Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Blog Award!

Fiction Groupie (Roni) gave me the Splish Splash Award for a dazzling blog! Thank you, Roni! I'm so flattered you thought of my site!

Isn't it a pretty award?

If you haven't already, check out Fiction Groupie's blog because it's FABULOUS!

I'm going to pass the award to:

Elana Johnson, YA Author
Cindy R. Wilson
Michelle McLean's Writer Ramblings
Ranch Girl Ramblings

Congrats, ladies!


Cindy said...

How sweet of you to pass this award along to me, Dawn. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through blogging. Have a great day!

Strange Fiction said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much Dawn! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to. That's not all I woke up to this morning--some of your rain has come our way. We have a large forest fire burning nearby so it's very welcome and so is the award. Thanks :)

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

congrats on your first award! and congrats to the recipients!

Where Romance Meets Therapy

Michelle McLean said...

Thanks so much!!! It is a beautiful award, very nice :D This is so sweet of you :)

Lazy Writer said...


Dawn VanderMeer said...

Cindy, I look forward to getting to know you more through blogging too!

Strange, I'm glad you like the award. I hope the rain helps fight that forest fire. I'm from LA County, and the people down there could also use some of our weather.

Thanks, Jeannie! :)

Michelle, it is pretty, isn't it? Quite unique!

Thanks, Susan! Congrats to you too!

Strange Fiction said...

I hope they get some of this rain too! They need it even more than we do.

FictionGroupie said...

Glad I could give you your first one! I'm sure there will be many more in your future.

Dawn VanderMeer said...

You guys are sweet. I'm so impressed with the kind people I'm meeting in the blogosphere.

ElanaJ said...

Dawn! Thank so much. You totally deserve this. And I love Fiction Groupie's blog too. :) Have a great weekend.

Dawn VanderMeer said...

Thanks, ElanaJ!

Yeah, Fiction Groupie rocks. :)

Angie said...

Congrats on your award!

Dawn VanderMeer said...

Thanks, Angie! And thanks for visiting!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ooh, it is a pretty award. Congrats!

JustJoan said...

Good Morning Dawn! Loved hearing from you. Have a great weekend even though it's a bit rainy and blustery. :-) Joan