Friday, August 14, 2009

What I'm Reading

I'm at the tail end of THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. That means I can also tell you how I'd rate it! On a scale of one to five Frappuccinos, "one" being slow and leaving me thirsty, "five" being the rush caused by a great book's caffeine-like buzz, I give it a...

drum roll, please...


I'm loving it, and I can hardly wait to finish it tonight. Good news? It won't end there. CATCHING FIRE is Book Two in The Hunger Games Trilogy, and it comes out September 1st.

Here's where I make my confession: since I have sooo many books I want to read, I don't always read beyond the first in a series; I sometimes just taste that first one and move on. That said, I will read this trilogy. Certain ones I just
have to. Prime examples: the Twilight books, all seven Harry Potter books, and the Narnia series. are my questions. Choose any or all:

*Have you read THE HUNGER GAMES?

*What are you reading now?

*How often do you read beyond the first book in a series?

*BONUS QUESTION: Were you more likely to stick to a series as a child?


Lazy Writer said...

I have not read The Hunger Games.
I'm reading Outlander right now.
I almost always read all the books in a series.
I don't think it's any different now than when I was a kid.

Okay, I think I got them all answered. :)

BJW said...

I have not yet The Hunger Games YET.

I'm in between books (for the first time in my life nearly)

Usually. Unless it stinks.

Dawn VanderMeer said...

Susan and Ben,

You guys are cool, answering all those questions! I was thinking this morning that I may have been a bit obnoxious, asking four. Me! Obnoxious! Hard to imagine. ;)

OUTLANDER sounds like a good one--I may have to hit it. Other people kept recommending THE HUNGER GAMES, so I was curious how many of you have already read it. As a kid, I would stick with an author and/or series.

Ben, what genre is YOUR novel? MG? YA? When you're done, you have to write a picture book about the monster tree in your yard. Seriously.

Both of you have great blogs, BTW, with lots of action and fun!