Thursday, August 6, 2009

The SCBWI Summer Conference

The SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles starts tomorrow. I really wish I could go. I don't mean to sound spoiled--I just went to the PNWA Conference last week, as you know, and I loved it. Plus I flew to NY for the SCBWI Winter Conference in 2007, and that's still a big deal to me, let me tell you.

The flip side of a conference is that while we're attending one, we're not
writing, and going to too many conferences gets pricey. Each of us really has to pick and choose what we can afford, time-wise and money-wise, each year. But you know... we can wish. Wishing is free.

Here's a picture of the ad for the SCBWI Summer Conference that I received a while back.

I'm from California. Have I mentioned that? I don't think I have. I've covered my family's East Coast roots and the fact that I live in beautiful Washington (I really do love it here), but I don't believe I've mentioned that I grew up in L.A. County. Where the conference is. Yep, it's not unreasonably far from my old house.

I AM going next year. Really. 2010, baby.

So...what is your dream conference or workshop? That Hawaii Writers Conference doesn't look too shabby, does it?


BJW said...

No it doesn't. But from one former Californian to another, let's both make sure we go next year. How bout that?

But you're right (write), when you go to the conferences the one thing you aren't doing is writing.

Let's make up for then, shall we?

: )


Dawn VanderMeer said...

Hey Ben,

I didn't know you used to live in California! Yes, next year I'm definitely hitting the LA conference. Not the Hawaii one, though it looks great--that conference will have to wait.

I think it's very cool that children's books are "the family business" with you, your dad, your brother, and Jolie. You all have a special connection. Maybe there was something in the water where you grew up. More likely, in the air--and genes!

I do hope the people who go are having a blast. I'm sure they are. Somebody told me (WHO? I can't remember) you learn as much there in the halls between sessions, talking with other writers, as you do in the sessions themselves.

Next year. Definitely.

BJW said...

Jolie's not in my family. I miswrote in that one post or comment. I meant I would be seeing Jolie, who lives in Port Townsend and I'd be seeing my (immediate) family too who also all live in Port Townsend. But I've known Jolie longer than any of the other bloggers out there because it's a real small town and we both loved writing. But my whole family loves her so she's almost in the family! My sister is writing a novel too, and is a pretty good artist. She's not published yet but is on her way. I'm planning on interviewing her eventually too.

Sorry that's all so long. I hear the same thing about the hallways, and sitting in the lounge after-hours. Pretty dang cool. Definitely next year. : )

Oh and born in Pasadena, then from 2nd grade to Junior in high school, lived in Murphys, California (Northern/middle CA).

Where in LA cnty were you from?

Lazy Writer said...

Hawaii sounds good, but I think I better shoot for something closer to home first.

Dawn VanderMeer said...


Oh, I was confused! Of course that's the first time I've ever been confused. Or maybe the second... Hee!

Good for your sister. So you guys are kind of like the Von Trapp family, just quieter. (I have to confess that I cracked myself up with that one. See what a geek I am, laughing at my own jokes?!) Good luck to your sis, and I look forward to reading her interview!

Chant it with me: "LA 2010! LA 2010!"

Lazy Writer,

You and I both. Cha-ching!

Dawn VanderMeer said...

P.S. - Ben, I never answered your question. I'm from Palos Verdes.

BJW said...

Ohhh. Cool, I've been there.

Good one Dawn, nothing wrong with laughing at your own jokes. Do it all the time.

"LA 2010! LA 2010!"

It wasn't you that was confused, it was my writing (not the first for that either). I wrote it wrong.

: )