Monday, July 13, 2009

Plot Snags and Man's Best Friend

I hit a plot snag a few months ago that made me feel like this:

I'm pretty sure my dogs, Thistle and Pepper, noticed.

To give you some background information, whenever I'd tell Thistle and Pepper it was time to write before Said Unfortunate Plot Snag (S.U.P.S.), they would race upstairs to the den and lie in their bed behind my chair. They would stay there while I wrote, every day. Then came S.U.P.S., and the traitors--er, sweet little guys--decided to spend each day on the couch downstairs.

Here are Thistle and Pepper on the couch.

I'm thinking my dogs picked up on the stress that was rolling off me even though I wasn't screaming, crying, or banging my head on my desk. I may have whined a little more than usual. And I paced. I guess that means it wasn't their doggy-sixth-super-sense--the one that alerts animals to earthquakes that are about to occur and meteorites before they hit--that made my pooches rethink their writing careers.

But still. Aren't dogs supposed to be faithful? Man's best friend and all that?

I can't hold a grudge, of course. They're too cute and cuddly, and I love them. Besides, Thistle is behind my chair right now. Pepper...well, not everyone is cut out to be a writer.

Note: To see another adorable dog, go to
Ben's blog and read about Linus and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.


Dawn Maria said...

Hi Dawn!

Great name BTW! Saw your comment to me on Nathan's blog. My online Sci-Fi community is reading P&P&Zombies this month, and yes, I did see the PW blurb on S&S& Sea Monsters. Have to say I'm a bit skeptical, since he's tinkering much more with Austen's text. Plus I'm not sure how Fanny would end up on the island and you can't have S&S without her horrible self. Am enjoying the Zombies, it's silly fun but still maintains the essence that makes JA the best.

The dogs are adorable!

Dawn VanderMeer said...

Hi Dawn!

Yes, I love your name too. (Insert Wilma Flintstone giggle here.)

It will be interesting to see S&S& SEA MONSTERS. When I first heard about P&P&Z, I thought it sounded funny, but I didn't feel driven to read it. Then I heard more details, how well it was selling, and how much people were enjoying it, and I couldn't resist. I agree with you--P&P&Z is super fun, but it still feels like Jane Austen. In a twisted, zombie way. :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!