Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eureka, I Found "It"!

So remember all that new project brainstorming I was doing? I kept coming up with great details to flesh out my two main characters, but I was missing what people in the literary world call, um, the plot. (Yeah, just that.) I had tons of ideas, but they weren't developed enough to stream them together, or they didn't feel exactly right for this book. I mentioned what I had come up with to the fabulous Elsa, and she threw out gems that helped me see my book better. After a couple days of spending a good amount of time concentrating on my future project, I moved it out of my focus and thought of it only now and again while I worked on other stuff.

I'm thrilled to be able to say I found "it", the missing magic! I now have a protagonist, an antagonist, secondary characters, inner and outer problems, images of my first and final scenes... I have my basic outline. And I'm in love. That's not me bragging. Not really. I'm just so excited. I can't wait to start getting it onto paper. You know that feeling? Of course you do.

I shared the basics with my critique group leader
Sheila Roberts yesterday. Sheila's incredible. One of the seven gazillion things she has taught me (give or take a gazillion) is to have a new project that I'm on fire about waiting in the wings. At some point, I'll have to post the reasons why this is great advice. For now I'll just say that when I told her my new idea, she got chills! Frisson! I can't wait to meet with my whole critique group and discuss!

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